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Feeling the heat in the first week

July 21, 2015 | 898 km | By James ​ For the few months before we set off to cycle from London to Cape Town, I had imagined the first week on the road in great detail. We would both gently amble through the French countryside, the sun gently warming our backs, we’d get the […]

Injections for cycling in Africa

With just four weeks to go until we set off on our London to Cape Town cycle, we made the trip to the London Travel Clinic this week to get our immunisations up to date. I’ve always wondered why those that administer injections warn of the impending pain by saying “you’ll feel a slight scratch”.  After […]

Wilderness first aid training

I’ll never forget the story of a good friend of mine who was commuting home on a London bus when a fellow passenger was stabbed. Although she didn’t witness the incident, word quickly spread down the bus, and people asked if anyone had any tissues to “mop up the blood”. What struck me was not […]